Low Voltage Panel

Low Voltage Main Distribution Board
Lv Type Tested Switchboard
• Siemens Sivacon S4
• Abb Pro-E
Sub Distribution Board
Motor Control Center (Fixed/
Withdrawable )
Capacitor Bank Panel
Distribution Panel
Genset Control Panel
Control Relay Panel

Technical Specification

Standard Design
• IEC 60439-1
• IEC 60529
• SNI 04-0225-2000 / PUIL 2000
• IEC 61439 (Type Tested)
Indeks Proteksi
• Indoor Up to IP-54
• Outdoor Up to IP-54
Type Panel
• Free Standing
• Wall Mounted
Type Form Panel
• FORM-2
• FORM-3a
• FORM-3b
• FORM-4a
• FORM-4b

Metal Working and Part Fabrication

Hydraulic Cutting Machine
Hydraulic Pressbrake
Bending Machine
Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC)
Turret Punch Machine
Punching Machine
Electro Welding
Mig Welding
Metal Treatment
Powder Coating
Painting Oven
Semi Automated Busbar Cutting, Punching,
Bending Machine
Busbar Electro Tin Plating